VIP Legit Bot Up

I updated the VIP Legit Bot for now. I will update the Public version soon as soon as I finish this project.

I have not tested all the functions in the new release. Please test and tell me what functions are not working due to the new releases of Ultimate Adventures and whatever…


3 Responses to VIP Legit Bot Up

  1. Lukey says:

    Thanks! Legit Bot is probably the only decent public leveling option right now, for me anyway.

    Could I also suggest that you add in a function where when the user runs out of MP potions say, the bot will automatically switch to normal attack (will not work so great with mages though) which use no MP.

    Either that, or auto-terminate MapleStory when that happens, but attacking normally works fine with most characters.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Dillon Lin says:

    May i ask , what is in the VIP that public users dont have


    • Lukey says:

      Able to execute scripts without the database
      Editor recognizes syntax which makes editing much easier
      Window is re-sizable to your pleasure
      A new “TEST” command to detect if your character is on the correct platform
      A new movement system where it eliminates the gliding you sometimes experience with the public version
      A new “JUMPDOWN” command which allows you to jump down when possible
      The bot now uses the skill teleport or any movement skill if you define it
      The bot now has two attacks to choose from: a solo attack for a hitting single monsters and a mob attack when there are groups of mobs
      A new “PUSHKEY” command which allows you to push keys on the keyboard to enter portals and etc (uses keycode)
      A new “ITEM” command which spams the loot key when you define it to be on (this was supposed to be a “autoloot” command but it was too glitchy for this release)
      Much more to come in the future as people request

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