Public Legit Bot Release


Hi everyone, the update for legit bot has been released. Further updates will be posted on my blog as well as how to use. If you have used legit bot before, then skip the first and second part about the basics. The third part will show some new features that were introduced as a part of the new version.


Part 1: The Basics

1. Download the legit bot files from the bottom of this page.
2. Extract them anywhere you want.
3. Open the EXE and it should ask you for you forum username/password.
4. Fill in your username/password CORRECTLY. If your name has any special characters, you may not be able to participate in this bot.
5. If it was successful, it should say License Key Created. This key represents you and it will work for further updates. Now there should be 3 files in the folder. If it says fail. Then slap your self because you know that if you’re the one that locked it, I will hunt you down.
6. Open MapleStory and inject BaBypass (Can also be found on w8baby).
7. Inject the LegitBot.
8. If everything is done correctly, a window pops up with your forum name on it.
9. Login to the map you want and press refresh to see the current scripts for the map you are on.

Part 2: Scripting

This bot does not train “automatically.” You need to provide a script for it to work.
The bot has these basic commands:

MOVE X – Move until X value is equal to the defined value
WAITPLATFORM PLATFORMID – Script waits until player moves to the defined platform.
JUMP DIRECTION – Jumps in a direction (0-Up, 1-Left 2-Right)
ROPE HEIGHT – Ropes until Y has been reached
ERROR PLATFORMID LABELNAME – When bot errors out, (kb off platform, rope), when character lands, it will execute labelname. If the platform id is -1, then it will detect getting stuck in midair.
GOTO LABELNAME – Jump to a label name and continue executing there
:LABELNAME – Define a label
SLEEP – Rest for x milliseconds
END – ends the script 🙂


Now there is "auto creator" which allows you to create a script with ease. Just tick it.
Now the hotkeys are as follows:


If you want to do the jump rope action, you have to delete the sleep after the jump. WHATEVER YOU DO, LEAVE THE SLEEP BEFORE THE JUMP!!
A jump command from the auto creator looks like this:


Delete the SLEEP 700 if you want to do the jump then rope.


Part 3: Changes

In the new version, there are a few minor bug fixes. If you are stuck on a rope now you can set a error handler with the platform id of -1. This will detect if your character is in midair when an error occurs (stuck on rope). Hopefully this will make everything better.

As you know, a VIP version is released with BT in the newest BT. That version will have many new features such as:

  • Able to execute scripts without the database
  • Editor recognizes syntax which makes editing much easier
  • Window is re-sizable to your pleasure
  • A new “TEST” command to detect if your character is on the correct platform
  • A new movement system where it eliminates the gliding you sometimes experience with the public version
  • A new “JUMPDOWN” command which allows you to jump down when possible
  • The bot now uses the skill teleport or any movement skill if you define it
  • The bot now has two attacks to choose from: a solo attack for a hitting single monsters and a mob attack when there are groups of mobs
  • A new “PUSHKEY” command which allows you to push keys on the keyboard to enter portals and etc (uses keycode)
  • A new “ITEM” command which spams the loot key when you define it to be on (this was supposed to be a “autoloot” command but it was too glitchy for this release)
  • Much more to come in the future as people request

Public Download:

Tutorial Video: and


10 Responses to Public Legit Bot Release

  1. Windex says:

    I have a question about your bot/scripts. Sometimes, when my character gets hit against the wall, the bot stops, with an error handling MOVE. I dont know how to fix this, I tried doing Error 6 Move -169, But still messed up on ALL the move things that I did. I need help please. Thank you,
    Windex of W8baby.

  2. Nocturnal says:

    You have to define a label… Please watch the video.

  3. Tek2005 says:

    Having one issue with legit bot; when entering a map (not sure if entering/leaving maps is supported yet) it doesn’t refocus; for the script to beable to run i have to click on maple (literally click somewhere in maple) or wait till a mob is in range before it continues running the script i have.

    Also a map detection would be nice
    If MAPID is 20851512 then continue this part of the script etc. 😛 thanks.

  4. Inder says:

    I keep getting this error
    Windows can not access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item
    I tried taking ownership, running as admin. Still won’t work. This is for configure.exe and also the .exe has no icon for some reason I downloaded using google chrome and also tried internet explorer. My AV didnt delete it either what the problem?

  5. CrabPatties says:

    I cant even download the rar file. Everytime it gets to 99% it says internet cannot download legitbot.rar from localhost. The connection with the server was reset.

  6. BoringMorning says:

    Beware of the Trojans

  7. BoringMorning says:

    McAfee Keeps on deleting Configuration.exe because of Trojan detection…….

  8. BoringMorning says:

    Do I some how have to compress the dll and the exe files to use this or are they seperate programs. I’ve tried to figure out what a dll is and I can’t find it.

  9. youtube Bots says:

    My partner and I stumbled over here from a different page
    and thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you.
    Look forward to checking out your web page again.

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